the benefits of lss

LSS is an exciting new evangelism resource that encourages a relaxed conversation, where the Bible speaks for itself. If you’re looking for something to help you share your faith, something that is palatable, engaging and logical, LSS ticks all the boxes.

It’s written for the unchurched and assumes no prior Christian background or understanding. It starts in Genesis and follows the Bible’s primary story which provides a reliable foundation for both an intelligent and logical faith. You will be enchanted and captivated by the cinematography as we travel around the world examining and pondering the foundations of faith.

Included in the resource are:

  • two “taste and see” videos
  • four DVDs comprising nine half-hour videos
  • ten Q&A sections
  • Leader’s Guide
  • an Explorer’s Journal.

Your friends will enjoy…

  • seeing that the message of the Bible is credible and current
  • having their questions naturally find answers
  • seeing that faith is not a leap into the unknown but rather faith has an intelligent and logical foundation
  • and appreciate the process. It’s not a high pressure ‘come to Jesus now’ thing. It respects that for most people, collecting information precedes faith and that takes time
  • a guided tour through the story of the Bible.

You will enjoy…

  • the opportunity to understand and know the Bible’s story—the key is knowing the story not just the stories!
  • having an easy to use resource—it’s as easy as taking your friend to the movies.
  • using the comprehensive Q&A sections and videos will provide you with an opportunity to grow in your faith and confidence—passion flows from confidence, confidence is based on conviction, conviction grows out of knowledge.
  • the experience—once you have seen how easy it is to point a person to Christ, you won’t want to stop!
  • when friends come to faith they will have a good foundation to build on—making disciples is the goal. An overview of the Bible is a sure foundation.

why lss?

The disciples had been with Jesus for three years. They’d listened to him preach powerful messages, turn water into wine, feed the multitudes, and perform miraculous healings—including driving out demons and raising the dead.

They were convinced—Jesus was the Messiah, the promised Davidic king! It was now only a matter of moments before Jesus would set up his kingdom.

Something went drastically wrong. Jesus was betrayed by one of the disciples, handed over to the authorities, tried for treason against Rome and condemned to death by perhaps the most gruesome and torturous method of execution ever devised by sinful mankind—crucifixion.

This was not according to plan. A dead Messiah? An utter contradiction in terms (Luke 24:21). Their conclusion? Despite the powerful proclamations, undeniable miracles and triumphant demonic deliverances, Jesus simply could not have been the Messiah. Despite seeing, the disciples stopped believing.

The problem? A faulty paradigm, worldview, way of thinking—the Messiah couldn’t die.

Jesus’ solution? A messianic Bible study starting from Genesis (Luke 24:27)! Why? Because these disciples needed to grasp that the “Messiah had to suffer these things” before he could “then enter his glory” (Luke 24:26).

So powerful was this teaching about the Messiah, that their “hearts kept burning within” them (Luke 24:32). It was logical, coherent, simple, powerful. All a result of having “explained to them all the passages of Scripture about himself” (Luke 24:27).

With their worldview transformed, they are then able to recognise him (Luke 24:31). The evidence that had been right before their eyes could now be seen for the irrefutable proof it was.

The purpose of LSS is to teach everyone this messianic story. For the Christian, it is to enable them to see more clearly the messianic mission, and then to take this story to their friends. For these friends, it is to enable them to understand the messianic storyline, and then see Jesus for who he truly is—the Messiah, and consequently, to put their trust in him.

Welcome to the wonderful story of the Bible!

next step: how

Find out how to prepare to be a leader in step two… how.