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The last step is to find out everything you’ll need to begin your LSS group. While it’s primarily intended for those using the small group/seminar formats, anyone running a one-on-one group will also find lots of helpful material here.

1. choose the group format

There are three different ways a LSS group can be run.

a. One-on-one. If you have a friend who is interested, you can start straight away without the need to wait for a small group to begin and easily schedule your timetables to suit. This option allows you to tailor-make each session personally, set your own pace and meet almost anywhere. This option may be less intimidating for your friend because they are meeting with you.

b. Small group. The small-group format is designed for up to ten people (with more than ten people, the dynamics of a group changes—it becomes more difficult to maintain good group discussion). If you have an approximately one-to-one mixture of enquirers and Christians, then a small group offers great advantages, including group discussion and the opportunity for enquirers to experience genuine friendship with Christian people.

c. Seminar. This is ideal if you want to develop a church-wide campaign that will build energy, enthusiasm and momentum. The seminar format requires several small groups of up to ten people per group.

2. get resources

Every LSS course requires these four resources:


The LSS videos include all eleven episodes plus ten modules of Q&A.

Leader’s Guide

The Leader’s Guide contains everything you need to prepare, plan and run your LSS course. It contains the Explorer’s Journal within it—so you only need one book (not two)!

The Leader’s Guide gives the group leader the tools and the suggested structure to make each session dynamic and effective. It provides insights, contemporary illustrations and provocative questions which will captivate the interest of the group members and lead to a lively discussion. There are also clear and succinct answers to hundreds of vexing questions, such as why God created the world, why he permitted evil, and a great many others.

Explorer’s Journal

The journal guides the explorer through each session and provides short readings on different issues with accompanying Bible exploration. The style is casual, well illustrated and free of Christian jargon. It’s also a place for the viewer to record notes and jot down questions.

This is a ‘must have’ resource for each explorer who will be taking part in a LSS course.

NIV Bible

The NIV Bible is a highly accurate and easy to read English translation of the Bible.

To find out how to use the Bible in your course, please see the how page.

How to obtain lss resources…

There are four options of how to resource yourself and your explorers. The first three options are digital-only options that are free. The fourth is physical copies which can be purchased on our store.

option 1: free app

LSS is available for free in our app!

“This is one of the best biblical apps I have ever experienced. Keep up the good work.” Suthan—Malaysia

All the video content and supporting written materials (including the Bible) are available on your mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime! All that is needed is an internet connection. To access the app, please click here.

option 2: access all episodes free online

All the video episodes, Q&A and PDF downloads of the Explorer’s Journal are available on the Watch series page. The Leader’s Guide can be downloaded for free below.

option 3: free on-demand

For best streaming results, we recommend using our dedicated video-on-demand website. All the episodes, video Q&A and Explorer’s Journal are available. To access it, please click here.

option 4: buy dvds and books

LSS, available in beautifully produced recycled gloss paper books and DVDs. NIV Bibles are also available in Australia and New Zealand. Access our store here.

3. register your group

Registering your group is a great way for others to find your LSS course and allow others to pray for you. Simply contact us to add your group to our find-a-group map on Quides & groups/.

4. download promotional material

To save these files to your computer, right-click the links below and select “Save As”. Be aware that the video files may take some time to download depending on your connection.

Invitation cards

A resource to give out to people interested in coming to your LSS course.


Print at either A3 or A4. For use on pin boards and notice boards.

Pull-up sign graphics

Ready to print artwork for street side and outdoor pull up signs. The ‘ghosted’ panel is for you to insert your own details of time and place.

PowerPoint presentations

Options for slide backgrounds so you can announce the programme in your church or small group.

LSS video overview

Take a look as some of the team explain the programme in more detail.

Download LSS Overview Video

Bookmark–7 signs in john’s gospel

A resource for enquirers wanting to continue to explore the Bible after your LSS course finishes (see page 34 of the Leader’s Guide).

5. hire banners & signs (within new zealand only)

Large display banner

A LSS banner is perfect to hang outside a church building or community centre to help promote your group. The initial cost of couriering a banner is $8, and then you will need to pay to courier the banner back to us. Please contact the office by phone or email if you would like to hire a banner!

Pull-up sign

A LSS pull-up sign is perfect to place in church foyers and community centres. It is useful to help your guests locate your LSS group by placing one near the room you are using. The initial cost of couriering a banner is $8, and then you will need to pay to courier the banner back to us. Please contact the office by phone or email if you would like to hire a banner!