Joining others on the journey is a great option. And, having a guide can help direct the way forward and point out things we might not have discovered if we were simply travelling by ourselves.

“The Long Story Short series opened up the story of the Bible like I had never seen it before. I really enjoyed having time to ask questions and sit around and talk it all over. The whole thing was pretty laid back and casual and I made some good friends. It also started me on a journey of discovery. In fact it was so good I decided to do the series again.”

        Paul—Wellington, New Zealand

Here are three different options for you to choose from.

option 1: find a group

Any group listed on this map can be contacted by email and/or phone. (If you are a leader and wish to create a new group, please do so by creating a leader’s account and registering a group.)

option 2: we can help you find a group

If you cannot find a group on the map above but would like to be a part of one, please contact us and we will do our best to find a group near you on your behalf.

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option 3: online guide

If you cannot find a group or would prefer to have an online guide, then we can arrange someone to contact you over Skype or email as you journey through Long Story Short. Simply contact us here to register your interest.

“I’m a school teacher so as you can imagine I like to think things through. Long Story Short answered my questions and allowed me the needed time to think about things.”

        Glynn—Tauranga, NZ

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