what is long story short?

Long Story Short is a video series designed to unfold the story of the Bible.

The Bible’s a big book and, let’s be honest, it’s pretty hard to get your head around it all. Long Story Short simply strips the story back to its core and then presents the story in a way that is accessible to everyone. It’s all about discovering the heartbeat of the Bible, in as short as seven sessions, without all the tradition and protocol of Western religion.

“The thing that became obvious to me was that I knew lots of the stories of the Bible but I didn’t really know what the book was about or what it was trying to say. Long Story Short brought all the pieces together so that it made sense. It was just a very pleasant relaxed journey that has had a real effect on me for the better.”

        Carol – New Zealand

The story starts at the beginning, taking us back to the moment it all began… and then follows the main storyline which eventually brings us to Jesus, explaining who he is and why he came into the world.

It’s that simple! Simple—but not superficial. And, during this journey, some of life’s big questions are addressed: What about the Bible? Who is God? Who am I? What’s gone wrong with the world? What about all the different religions? Who is Jesus and why is he important? What about faith?

“By nature I’m a very shy person so the thought of going to a big group was a bit daunting. Fortunately the group I went to was small and we all jelled quickly. We met once a week at a friend’s house for coffee and dessert. Long Story Short was very informative and was a great help when it came to understanding the story of the Bible.”

        Ross – New Zealand

Exploring together with others also gives you the opportunity to ask your questions in a safe and welcoming environment. Questions are vital because they form the foundation of exploration. So, as it’s said, any question is a good question! And of course, no one has all the answers! This means it’s not at all about arguing or debating, agreeing or disagreeing—it’s simply about exploring and finding some answers to the questions you might have. What you do with the information presented is entirely up to you.

“I have to admit that after a few weeks I got drawn into the storyline. We still had some great discussion and sometimes we spent hours after the group firing questions around. It was a very good time and I made some very good friends. I’m still a bit undecided on the belief side of things. But I guess I’ve moved a bit from a cynic to an investigator.”

        Richard – New Zealand

what materials are provided?

The video and integrated written materials (your Explorer’s Journal) are freely available in our app, on-demand and on our website (we’ll explain this more in the next step—Watch Series). Your group leader can also purchase the DVDs and your own printed Explorer’s Journal in our store.

“Long Story Short caught me off-guard. It was a pleasant and engaging experience. Very different to the religious school I went to as a kid.”

        Kurt—Whakatane, New Zealand

next step: Watch Series

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