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Welcome to Long Story Short! We're so pleased you have found this site. Long Story Short is all about telling the story of Bible, beginning from the beginning (where else would you start?!) and travelling through to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. But the Bible's a long book, so we tell the 'short' of the story. Simple.

But why?

There's no doubt that our world has been impacted by significant people, and that one of these people goes by the name Jesus. In fact, our entire calendar revolves around him (it's now some 2000 years since he was born)! And more than this, over half of the world's population (Christians and Muslims together) claim this man as significant to them, believing that he is the 'Messiah'.1 That's right, over half the world believes that Jesus is the Messiah! And, even more people also look to Jesus as a significant spiritual leader, someone who can make our world a better place.

But what, or rather who, is a 'messiah' and what does this mean? And why does it matter?

For the answers to these questions, we must turn to the story of the Bible. This story has been said to be 'the greatest story ever told'. We agree! But more than this, the Bible claims that this story is the grandest-of-all stories, the one that makes sense of our worlds and the world around us. A grand claim, no doubt! But a claim we believe deserves careful exploration.

There are few times we get the opportunity to look at the more important things in life. Life's short and it passes us by quickly. The Bible claims to be a message not only about this life, but also about one to come. A life to come that will last forever. Like we said, grand claims! It seems reasonable to us that we take some moments to explore this story, understand it as best we can, and discover for ourselves what we want to do with its grand claims.

It's our pleasure that you've taken your time to stop by this site. We truly honoured! We'd love for you to take a look around and decide to invest some time in this grand story.

Bless you, and welcome to Long Story Short!

1 The Bible claims many times that Jesus is the 'Messiah' or 'Christ'. It even calls him 'Jesus Christ'. The Qur'an has eleven places where it refers to Jesus as the Messiah. These places are: Surah 3:45; 4:157, 171, 172; 5:17 (2x); 72 (2x), 75; 9:30, 31. Sadly, the Qur'an never explains what 'Messiah' means-so we need to turn to the Bible to find out the answer.

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