Pray for LSS

At LSS we believe in the power of prayer! LSS needs your prayer for each leader and group running a course. You can find specific groups and contact people to pray for by looking at the Find a Group section on the guide page.

We also need your prayer for us as an organisation—for the staff, running and future development of LSS materials. If you would like to be a prayer partner for us, please contact the office with your email address, and we will send you a prayer newsletter with specific requests from us and also from LSS group leaders. We are so grateful for your prayers!

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Donate to LSS

LSS is highly reliant on the generosity of supporters to keep us running and to finance future developments of the course. We make the LSS course freely available via our app and on-demand video site so that as many people as possible can be impacted by the story of the Bible. While this is such a privilege, it also means that we need individuals, families and church families to financially support us.

If you would like to donate to LSS, either as a one-off or regularly deducted donation, please contact us in the office to do so. If your donation is over $5 we’ll provide a donation receipt so you can claim a tax credit (New Zealand only). We are so grateful for your financial support!