A big thank you to all the churches that participated in our LSS resource survey. Your honest feed back is invaluable to us as we continue to develop and refine Long Story Short.  Here’s some of the push back you gave us. You love the presentation style and that it didn’t assume prior Bible knowledge. And it was non-threatening to invite friends too.

One of the interesting things is that a lot of you didn’t realise that the main teaching points need to be turned on if you want the words to come up on the screen. This is very important as it not only galvanises thought but it also provides the words for the gaps in the Explorer’s Guide.

I hope by now you will have heard the advertising for the Engage Conference.  It’s only a month away now so check it out at EngageConference.nz

Torrey Hilton

Great news… Long Story Short is now available on demand. Which means you’ve got it with you wherever you are, and you can use it on whatever devise you want, as many times as you like. How good it that? Now evangelism is as easy as taking a friend to the movies – and now you can even choose the location.

When tricky questions come up you will have the video Q&A right there with you. On your phone, tablet, desktop or TV.

To find out more about VOD or to get started right now, simply go to the leaders web site at lssl.co, and then click on the resources tab. NZ$39 and you’re ready to go drink coffee and reach your friends.

It’s never been easier.

It’s been a very interesting start to the year. We’ve had a number of churches order bulk copies of Long Story Short. What’s of particular interest is that they are using it to teach the whole church the salvation story of the Bible. We advised them that it’s primarily designed for the unchurched. The reply has come back, “But our own people don’t really know the story”.

I guess that makes the point. You can’t tell it if you don’t know it.

Passion flows from confidence. Confidence is based on conviction. Conviction grows out of knowledge.

Imagine what God could do through his people if they really knew his story!

That’s right, Long Story Short will be at one of the largest music festivals in New Zealand, at Mystery Creek, 23rd–26th January. Why not come and find us in the ANZ pavilion? We’ve set up a very cool cinema with pallet lounges so you can sit back in style and enjoy the Long Story Short experience. Long Story Short will be running throughout most of the day and night, DVDs and books will be available for sale through the Festival One wristband system, and the dedicated space will be a quieter place away from the business of all things music.

Do you have stories of how God has used Long Story Short with those unfamiliar with the Bible? Or even strengthened the faith of those who already knew the Bible’s big story (or at least thought they did!)? Please come and share your story with the team.

We are delighted that an evangelism tool will be promoted at this festival. Please pray it will reach the hands of those who want to share the grand story of the Bible with all who need to hear it.

See you there!

What a huge day for Torrey, the Trust and the wider team! August 29th 2014 the launch date of Long Story Short.

The cinema is booked. The books are printed, DVDs being produced, support material designed and uploaded. All the infrastructure being put in place – websites, on-line shop, dispatch and handling facilities. For those that have been on this journey from the beginning it spans an almost twelve year period! Twelve years of dedication, careful preparation, and then testing, testing, testing, with the endless revisions that come from rigorous testing!

On August the 29th, the tip of the iceberg, the DVDs, will be played on one of the three largest digital projection cinema screens in the world – a massive 3 250 cm across!

How fitting that an evangelism tool, designed with post-modern sensitivities in mind, is launched at a picture theatre. Can’t wait to see the fruit of all this hard labour, prayer and passion played out across this giant screen!