What topics are covered?

‘I’m a school teacher so as you can imagine I like to think things through. Long Story Short answered my questions and allowed me the needed time to think about things.’ Glynn—Tauranga, NZ

Long Story Short covers a large number of topics, and seeks to answer questions like, Who made God?, Where did evil come from?, Who is Jesus? and What is faith? Here’s what the course looks like:

Introductory Modules (Modules 1–2)

Module 1—Mystery

Might there be more to the world around us than we can sense—or even imagine?

Module 2—Best-seller

Where did this book the Bible come from? How old is it? And why is it important?


The Story Modules (Modules 3–11)

Module 3—The Beginning

Who is this God that the Bible talks about? How does his story unfold?

Module 4—Who Am I?

What about us? Humans? Where do we fit into the Bible’s story?

Module 5—Something’s Wrong

Why didn’t things ‘go to plan’? How does the Bible tell the story of evil? What effect has it had?

Module 6—Confusion

Where did our human diversity come from? What happens at the Tower of Babel?

Module 7—Billboard

Where did the nation of Israel come from? Why did God choose this nation?

Module 8—Life

The arrival of Jesus on earth? Who was he? What did he do?

Module 9—Death

What really happened when Jesus died? Was there more to it?

Module 10—Empty is Good

What does the resurrection of Jesus mean—for us humans and the planet?

Module 11—Jump

What is offered to me as result of all this?