What can I expect?

Whether it’s meeting together with a friend or as part of a group, you can expect it to be pretty relaxed and informal. Everyone’s on the same page. Everyone’s there to explore the Bible for themselves. And, there’s no need to worry—no one will be asked to sing a song, pray a prayer or be signed up to a particular religious group.

It’s simply about enjoying a personal journey of discovery&emdash;a time-specific, group approach to understanding some of the crucial issues surrounding the Bible and Christian faith. What anyone does with the information presented is entirely up to them.

This is also an opportunity to ask questions in a safe and welcoming environment. Questions are vital because they form the foundation of exploration. So, as it’s said, any question is a good question! And of course, no one has all the answers! This means it’s not at all about arguing or debating, agreeing or disagreeing—it’s simply about exploring and finding some answers to the questions we might have.

We can also expect to enjoy some engaging videos shot on location all around the world. And, to help you enjoy these videos, there is an Explorer’s Journal available (as a small book or as a part of the free app) with some short, thought-provoking readings to enjoy at your leisure. The material has been designed to be an interesting and stimulating way to help you explore the Bible for yourself.

And you can also expect to be appreciated and respected. You may even find some new friends as you journey together through Long Story Short.

We hope your journey will be a thoroughly positive, enjoyable and informative one!